Kazan Waterfront

A Landmark Location with World-Class Architecture, providing green urban spaces and a new and exciting waterfront setting a milestone for the future of Kazan.

Project Details


115,000 m2 | 225,000 m2 (GLA)




Kazan, Russia




Master Plan and Architecture

Project Drivers :

Need for a Landmark Development to put Kazan in the New Millennium.

Need for Global Architecture and Green Urban spaces.

Need for a Waterfront Anchor driver with good urban and landscape connection.

Our Approach:

Our Vision is to create a Landmark Location, recognizable and modern that will set Kazan right into the New Millennium. With World-Class Architecture design, the development will stand out and will become a part of the skyline of Kazan.

The new waterfront is one of the main drivers of the project. The proposal creates a new, dynamic and exciting anchor for the city of Kazan that will attract people from all over the city but also will improve the quality of live for the residents of the development.



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