416 Memorial Park

Like the sun rising in the morning, the New Dawn building symbolises a new sunrise full of hope and dreams for a better future.

Project Details


30,300 m²




Ansan, South Korea




Master Plan, Architecture and Interior Design

Project Drivers :

416 Memorial Park is set to become a fundamental part of the Hwarang Park and Gojam district for remembering and commemorate the disaster of MV Sewol in 2014.

Our Approach :

A place to remember, a place to commemorate. A place to pay respect to the ones that passed away on the disaster. 416 Memorial Park is set to become a place to remember but also a place to teach and write a better future for the coming generations.

A New Dawn Building is mostly underground, giving back to the city green space. At the top there is a cafeteria with amazing views to the reservoir. Going up is easy, with a soft slope that zig zags from one side to the other. 25 bronze totems are allocated a long the way remembering each one of the 250 victims from Danwon high School. Each totem will have 10 names written.



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