February 3, 2021

Wow is More

Adding value to you project with WOW Factor.

We are all very familiar with the famous quote from Mies Van Der Roe, “Less is more”

It was a breakthrough idea for a whole generation of Architects that came from facades with ornament and well stablished architectonic styles. Bjarke Ingles mentioned in his book “Yes is more”, that “we are in a world that Less is not necessarily more anymore.”

Bjarke by saying Yes is more, very smartly, put the emphasis on function mostly nor the style.

Yes, we like simple and minimal designs like Apple products that embody Less is more idea. However, we can’t avoid the constantly increasing demands of our buildings now, and more importantly, in the foreseeable future. We live in a world that moves faster than ever before, and we are exposed to too much information. Social media and internet, let us have real-time access to any kind of information that you are interested in a matter of few clicks.

Let’s say that you are interested in design (probably yes, since you are reading this article), so you probably have an instagram account with an incredible resource of photos of new projects being build around the world. That makes competition fierce and now we are not only competing with firms or businesses of the same country but a global network of people that flies and travel the world like never before and is incredibly savvy in any kind of particular subject.

How We Stand Out

Any kind of business needs a key factor that differentiates it from the rest, to be unique and stand out from the competition.

Different kind of business require different approaches and strategies. However, in Design and particularly Architecture, regardless Architecture style language or time period, all good design that stand out have some kind of WOW Factor. 

WOW is one of the key drivers to stand out, WOW Factor is your best ally.

What means WOW Factor in Architecture

WOW Factor can be found in Architecture in many different ways. Most of the time, we don’t realise about that, but usually is a special detail or feeling that strike us. Then, if it is something worth remembering, it becomes memorable.

For example, in a Hospitality type of project, a WOW Roof Deck with amazing views to the sea or landscape, will increase the flow of people to the project and increase its revenue. Furthermore, in this world of perfect Instagram photos, the customers will be the real advertisement drivers for the business, posting photos and sharing with people the amazing WOW Roof Deck that they visited last night.

In a Shopping mall, can be a show that performs at certain times during the day in the main atriums. LED walls can connect to your phone and you can interact with what is shown.Working with new technologies like LED walls, spaces can perform differently at different times, and by doing so, increase the flow of people as needed.

In a Museum or Opera House, having a beautiful facade or shape that looks different from anything seen before turns these buildings into beacons for the city itself like happened before in Bilbao or Sydney.

WOW Factor can not be overstated enough. Even in a minimalistic approach like the Church of Light by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando, were the interior its defined by its profound emptiness, the way the light gets inside the building is undoubtably a clear WOW Factor. More importantly, by reducing the use of ornament and decoration and exposing the concrete walls, the interiors and the architecture talk with strong WOW.

Is important to remark that WOW Factor is not always about fireworks, it can be achieve like Mies in the Farnsworth House, by applying his Less is more motto or like Tadao Ando with austerity.

WOW is More

At OWWAU we believe that design that amazes and inspire, clearly adds value to any project. 

Beautiful leaves a long lasting impression. Beautiful is our benchmark. 

However, we believe that every project require a different approach and in doing so, different styles too. So, WOW Factor can be achieved in many ways. Can be being minimal or can be being expressionist. Can be a breakthrough strategy on how the building is use or can be the use of a particular technology never seen before.

We believe that achieving this WOW Factor adds value to your project.

Mies, Bjarke, Tadao Ando, all of the Masters use it in one way or another and they perfected their own style. 

WOW moves us and push us to reach new boundaries.



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